Saturday, March 28, 2009

angelfood comes to Sharon!

Perhaps you have heard of angelfood ministries, perhaps you haven't. But if these economic times have you in any struggle what-so-ever financially, just perhaps you should check it out. Young. Old. Singles and families. Open to everyone. And what is really neat,  now it is available here in Sharon thru The Sharon Congregational Church. It is a program to acquire quality food at some rather unbelievable prices. It is a monthly offering where you basically place your order during the first two weeks of each month and on the last Saturday of the month your food will be available for pickup at the church in the morning. Anyone can participate. Food Stamps™ are even accepted. It just seems to be something very timely coming to our area. I repeat the part about anyone can participate. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to visit the store and let me explain how it works or visit here. I have the April menu and order forms available, and there will be dates announced soon when orders will be taken for April orders. Please use my links to check it out ahead of time.

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