Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting down to 32...

UConn,  winner of its first game in the Men's Basketball Playoffs yesterday in Philly, was firing on all eight cylinders I guess, judging by the final score of 103 to 47. Of course, a one-seeded team versus a sixteen-seeded team certainly was a mismatch, (at least on paper) before the ball was ever tipped. Coach Calhoun missed being court side, due to an as-of-yet, untold illness. He spent the night in a Philly hospital get re-hydrated and some rest is all we've been told, according to a CNN web page. Assistant Coach Blaney was therefore in charge and the boys seemed to play up to their ability for him. If that continues, which for them to win needs to, this just could turn out to be a fun march to the finals for the school from Storrs, Connecticut.

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