Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one of the few remaining Sharon Elms.........

If you go back to old photos of Sharon, say the late 1800's up until the 1960's, Sharon Green was known for its elm trees. I think somewhere there was a saying about Connecticut and her "stately elms". Anyways, along in the 60's or 70's our elms were attacked by the Dutch Elm Disease, and Sharon Green's landscape was pretty-much changed forever. Today there are just a few remaining, and this is one of the healthy ones, located on the Main green, just south of the town hall, near the location of the old flagpole. I took this shot almost a year ago from a bucket truck. Our green has been filled with all kinds of varieties of trees since the elm disease hit, and I guess our committee has done a good job with it. But for me, once you see how Sharon Green once looked, with all its magnificent elms,  for probably more than 100 years, I can't help but wish the Elm disease never hit our area with the vengeance that it did.

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