Monday, March 16, 2009

what were they thinking?

so, do these folks at AIG have a clue or am I out of it? I know I am a farmer, but geez-Louise! They get billions from the Fed, literally saving their arses, and on Saturday past they gave away 65 MILLION IN BONUSES to employees!!! I know Barry (Barack) is trying to get it stopped now, (like thats gonna happen--the horse has already left, little late on the gate) but if I were one of those who got the money, I might just be worried if one my neighbors learns of it or they may find themselves hanging from a tall oak tree...... oooooo, justice served the old way.


  1. advocating for hangings now??

  2. Silly witch hunt that will end up costing millions to do what, make a point? I for one favor the point of law where a contract is honored or altered with agreement of the parties... and I don't mean Republican or Democratic.

    Don't blame me, I vote for Jimmy Buffet!

  3. thanks for your comment OTL, whom-ever you are. You are probably very right on the millions being spent, and many would say wasted. If you by-chance are the same person who sent an email to my home trashing me, (for what I am not quite sure)... thanks for making me feel so wanted!(If not you, I apologize) Bottom line.. to you or anyone... I guess if you don't care for this blog, Please don't read it. I don't know what more to say. The intent of this blog was, and is, to have a small bit of fun running a blog. Me. MY blog. In this poor economy, it gives me something to do some days while waiting for a customer... If you don't like my style, go elsewhere. Why come here and obviously get all worked up at me? As I says right at the top, come along if you wish. I repeat, I am only trying to have a little fun. ME. Everyone else seems to like what I am doing. Sorry if you don't.