Monday, March 30, 2009

couple of items....

#1-- UConn Basketball---still rolling along! The men's team is headed to the Final Four in Detroit. Next up for them is Michigan State. Is that fair? It will be like MS is playing at home, for that Michigan team. It will probably be louder than a Lion's game. Tip-off is 6:07 on Saturday, the 4th, on CBS™. Come on UConn!

#2-- UConn Women's Basketball also is continuing to roll along through their tournament. Still the only undefeated team in college basketball, (either men's or women's) our Huskies have one heck of a good team. They are not the deepest in talent from one to twelve, but their starting five is pretty incredible. Handled correctly, as they have been thus far by Coach Geno, the Italian stallion from Philly, they have the potential to play it out with an undefeated season. Next up for them are the Arizona Sun Devils @ 7pm, Tuesday, on ESPN2™. Win that, and its on to the Final Four in St. Louis, where Clare, Cat, Tammy and I went about 8 years ago now to see them. Trouble was, they lost in the first round to Notre Dame, the eventual champion that year. Hope if they get there and they have better luck this time around.

#3-- Some have asked why so much on UConn Basketball from my little Country Lane blog? Well, if you live here, you kind of know there really isn't a lot going on right now except the mud season is pretty much in full swing, so if you have a dirt driveway, or live off a "country lane", your cars are taking a beating right now. There is no news on a replacement for our empty market in town. Small businesses, mine included, are hurting big-time. Many have laid-off employees, cut their hours, or eliminated positions entirely. As always, we are all hoping for warmer times to get here sooner than it ever does, and also hoping that those warmer times will bring some life back into the community. We may be a pretty place to live and visit, but we sure aren't recession-proof. Oh, there is one really good bit of news, at least to me. Jenny Hansell again has started up her blog, which had been on hiatus for much of the winter. I am anxious to see her work again. I bet she has been stock-piling a few special items that will probably cheer us all up! What-ever, I welcome her back, and hope you all check out her work. Now I can add her to one of my favorite places to visit out in web-world.

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