Monday, March 23, 2009

did you catch this on 60 Minutes?


I watched a great afternoon of NCAA Basketball yesterday, and my brackets are doing pretty well! My Wake Forest pick hurt me though! Last evening, following the games, I watched 60 Minutes, who had a good interview with The President of The U.S. and this was the story which followed, which I found to be very good. Check it out.


  1. Rick,

    I did not see that portion of the show. But I thought President Obama was downright weird. When talking about the economy, he kept flashing those pearly whites and giggling about all the grim news. What was that all about?

  2. Weird? Ya, maybe, But I actually thought he'd read your blog entry of recent days about how he should just instill confidence and do what he did during the campaign and talk to the people (or something along those lines..I forget exactly!) Talking would be a good thing. Heaven knows our last leader couldn't talk. And what about his smirk? Bush's smirk or Barrack's smile ... I'll take the smile!

  3. Yah, you make a good point, Rick. But it still seemed strange. Giggling doesn't instill a lot of confidence from my perspective.

    I have a feeling his handlers told him he needed to lighten up a bit and awkwardness was the result. As the old saying goes, be yourself.