Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Warmer

Other than us all wearing multiple layers of clothing, and using heating oil like it's tap water, this has been an exceptional hard winter to stay warm. In our house, we have really turned to hot tea for help. My wife and I have been tea drinkers for a good many years. By tea, I don't mean not your standard Lipton or Red Rose in a tea bag from the grocery or department store. I am referring to loose teas. And specifically I am referring to our local tea distributor located in nearby Millerton. I am of course referring to Harney and Sons Tea Company.

We happen to enjoy flavored teas probably the best, and love holiday mixes and new things they come out with. So, I didn't start out for today's post as a plug or endorsement, but it certainly is just us saying that we are thankful for their teas, and in particular this winter. If you were to stop-by, this would be what you see often on our kitchen counter. Cheers!


  1. Hot Cinnamon Spice is the best for these frigid times!

  2. I just saw that there..have to give it a go soon!