Thursday, April 12, 2012

Now that's what you call preparation...

     Not sure who is doing the work, but for the better part of the last three weeks the professional building owned by Amy Schuchat on Gay Street is having every bit of its paint removed. This group of men have stripped it all the way down, then put on a primer coat, then I believe they have put two more coats on top of that. They really are doing an excellent job I would say, just by looking from my side of the street.
     I can still see Milt and Virginia sitting there in their porch chairs, keeping a watchful eye on the shopping center and "us kids".(that was the Crosby family, who lived there through my early childhood until they moved down on the Amenia Union Road. Milt was an auctioneer, and Virginia I remember working at Starr T.V., which was in the plaza.(bought my first stereo there---a Zenith). Seems to me their son Roger is a occasional  visitor to my blog.....Hey Rog!

More Sharon history, two days in a row....can you stand it?

I just used blue lettering in honor of my N.Y. Rangers who just scored two goals, and now lead 3-0....Go Blue

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