Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey Bud!

Won't be long before all these apple trees will spring to life with green buds, then blossoms, then the summer will hopefully bring a good growth of apples to this farm located off Tichnor Road in Sharon. A little side story.......I've had all kinds of apple sauce in my day, but the one that sticks in my mind was the kind my great-aunts used to make and can and put down cellar in their house (now the Salisbury Bank on Low Road, in Sharon) They always left the skins in the cooking process, so it was a lovely shade of pink. Mmmmmmmm.....I can taste it now. (that's of course in my relatives have been gone for, gosh, thirty-five, forty years I bet since they made their last batch of sauce) Those were good times. We used to go over to Millbrook (on the by-pass) and pick apples, peaches, pears....and they would can them all, and then enjoy them all winter and spring and early summer long. At the foot of the cellar stairs, turn right, a yellowish-tan, metal-topped table sat covered with jars, and up on the sill around the inside of the foundation, and on a set of old shelves, on the far wall towards Bartram's.....Memories.   :) 

Oh, and there was another set straight ahead at the foot of the stairs, towards Low Road, under the hall..

Now, ask me what i had for lunch. I can't remember!

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  1. My grandmother's applesauce was the same way! They may have even been using apples from the same trees :)