Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grand Opening Celebration!!!!!!!!!

So the almost completed, full-year renovation-celebration of the former Sharon Motor Lodge, now the Sharon Country Inn, occurred yesterday and today, from 1- 3 pm on both days. The new owner, Eddie Cania, was on hand meeting and greeting both yesterday and today. I wasn't there yesterday, but I am told he had a good turnout of local folks all stopping in to take a peak at the renovations and wish he and his family much success. While we were there today, the stream of visitors was steady, and everyone was leaving mightily impressed. 

Eddie greeting The Kirby's

A corner room...with free pizza!

Lynn, Clare and Cat back from a tour of the rooms..

Barc, Ed and Mary doing what they do best

Sharon Mtn. was represented..

Eddie doing what Eddie does best...having fun with friends!

As I said, the stream of cars was steady!

The Man himself...Eddie!

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