Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's really important...

     Ones health is what really matters. Without our health, we have nothing. My little girl was real sick today and we needed fast, medical help. We were able to get it, and she is doing much better, some twelve hours later. Another day of rest, if I can get her to admit she needs it and stays home, will only help her all the more. This Dad was scared today, but is so grateful to our local hospital and its staff of doctors and nurses.
     We are so blessed to live where we do, in this time. And I am so very grateful.


  1. A sick child , no matter how old, brings us reality. Hope all continues to be well and God bless Sharon hospital!

    jack dolan

  2. Wow, Rick. Best of luck to your daughter in her quest for good health. And I'm glad everything's Ok now.

  3. from Jack:
    Doesn't,t matter how old a child is, it brings things into perspective when they are ill. God bless Sharon Hospital and hope things get better quickly.


  4. hope the young lady is ok now. we have had a slight bit of 24hr stuff here too,guess it is that time of year.yes,Sharon Hospital is a great plus for the people of Sharon and area. CMH