Saturday, March 17, 2012

Invading their supper time

This has been quite a week. The weather has been awesome, which enabled many folks to get an early jump-start on spring clean-up. I must admit I wanted to be home myself, out working on spring projects, in mid-March. But there was a problem. My part-timer was down for the count all week with a bout of the stomach virus which has fallen so many people this winter. Thus, I have put in a lot of hours at the store this week. He finally made it back into work last evening, and this afternoon as well. So, today I got to get out and enjoy our early spring for myself. I washed my truck for the first time all winter, did a little raking, and did a little photography. Not a bad day! Just finished a lovely dinner with my wife, and March Madness is playing in all directions. Two televisions, iPad, and computer. Could be on the cell too but only three games on at once right now!! I love March Madness, have I said that? I wait all year for this couple of weeks. I think it is the absolutely best televised sporting event there is. And the whole principal of it all, with the one-and-done playoff tournament, counting from 64 to final two in just a couple of weeks.....amazing! Love it when a fifteen seed beats a one, or a two....the best!!!

So, I ran into these girls( no they aren't "fenced in")  tonight as I was out getting sunset pictures, which may well be tomorrow's subject, as the sunset was pretty neat tonight. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.....

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