Monday, March 19, 2012

Open-door policy

I didn't stop to ask, but I wonder how long it's been since Phillip had all the doors open on his barn, to the north no-less, on March 19th before 8 a.m.? (and probably will have for the rest of this week!) The fog was once again covering most of Sharon this morning. I went from the Lakeville line to the north, and Wasaaic line to the south, up over Knibloe, Carey Hill and back down Lambert. There was fog everywhere. I'll give you, some places were thinner than others, but it was there. And once again by mid-morning, it was all dissipated and it was bring on the great day! Ready for this? I had 80ยบ on my store thermometer, in the shade at 2:30pm! Absolutely gorgeous!

Couple of stories from today. One guy said he got sunburned. Awww. Ain't that a shame? He was shocked. Another said that nine months from this Sunday is Christmas. I love Christmas, but I threw him out for being a bad guy. :)

Grinrod Farm

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