Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remarkable Day

Today started extremely foggy in Sharon. I didn't take any pictures of the fog. Try this......picture fog. A whole bunch of it. Really thick. That was Sharon this morning. But by mid-day it had all burned off and we had another glorious day. My thermometer read that we had 76 degrees for a high temperature today. It is the 17th of March, in northwest Connecticut. It's not supposed to be 76 degrees. And the week ahead is scheduled to be more of the same. My furnace is not running. I started doing spring clean-up, at least four to six weeks early,  for up here on the hill. Crazy. But I'll take it.

 And judging by the pictures below, can you guess what I also did today? Washed vehicles!!! In the words of Dickie V........."it's awesome, baby!"

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