Thursday, March 22, 2012

Foggy Main

Went in to work this morning around 8:15 or so and it was another day of fog in Sharon and I am sure surrounding towns. Up on the hill, (where we live) it was not quite but almost pea-soup thick. It was s-l-o-w driving coming down Jackson, let me tell you! Down on the green, the fog was there as well but not as thick. Fun to see I could snap a pic and no cars were in sight!

The day today was absolutely amazing once the fog burned off. It must have been close to 80ยบ in the shade and the skies were just gorgeous. It was another day of things greening up everywhere. Still March, and we are almost fully green in many areas. Amazing. I'll take it though. Far better than cold March winds, snow, mud, yuck. Yes. Much better.

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