Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The climate..

Dateline: March 13th
Location: Sharon, Connecticut

The first game of March Madness™ just came to an end, and Western Kentucky came from fifteen down with four minutes to go to win 59-58! What a game! Love March Madness! With that said:

~can you believe this weather? If it didn't hit it, it almost hit 70º degrees in Sharon today. On the 13th of March! And the forecast calls for warm weather right through the week, with it possibly hitting 80º next Tuesday!! I can say but one thing......very enjoyable. The furnace isn't running. My heavy jacket is remaining in the closet. The snow boots are there as well. The plow remains off the truck, having been used only three times this winter. After last year, this is awesome. It may-well snow in May, but we'll worry about that then.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying the weather as well.

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