Tuesday, March 20, 2012

C.E. Buckley Amenia Union, N.Y.

So in my travels in the fog yesterday morning, I found another oft-times passed, but seldom stop and considered, piece of our areas local heritage. Seen below is one of the original C.E. Buckley plows, made for tilling the mother earth, right in near-bye Amenia Union, New York. This one sits on a patch of grass at the union, and is incorporated into a flag pole that flies our nations colors. The only internet info I found on it was from a book which said they were from 1892. One hundred and twenty years ago. I need to add this to my list to investigate someday when I go bother the heck out of the folks at The Sharon Historical Society. Probably something which sprang up from something to do with the iron ore which was all mined and refined in our area all those many years ago.

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