Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time off.

Continuing with my Maine side-trip for my blog.......

Lobster season in Maine tends to be busiest during the summer months. Demand is highest due to tourism then. That also is when the lobsters are closest to the land, thus making fishing for them the easiest. During the winter months, they move off shore, requiring bigger and stronger boats, and what with winter storms at sea and the cold, it becomes a much harder task. Fishing does still continue, but by fewer lobstermen.

With all that said, we saw lots and lots of traps in peoples back yards, front yards, side yards, driveways, docks and just about any place else we looked on this tiny island chain of Great, Orrs and Bailey. The group pictured below was one of the more "organized" that we did see. I would venture to say they did their repairs pronto and are just waiting for the winter to roll on by so they can get back at the catch next summer. Perhaps they are working on their boat now? Whatever, I enjoyed the makeup of this shot and was very happy with how it came out.

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