Friday, January 20, 2012

Shark-infested breakfast room..

Back up in Maine, we discovered an extremely popular bakery/eating establishment named The Wild Oats Bakery in Brunswick. We had read of this place in Down East Magazine a month or so back, so we were on a mission to check it out. Amazing! Thats all I'll say about it at this the. Amazing.

I told you that to tell you this. While eating our breakfast the other morning, out from a shop next door in this indoor little plaza, which was all about slot cars (Slot Car Junction) and really cool toys, came a floating, flying shark. It was about five feet long, was filled with helium, and its tail fin would flap back and forth  to give it forward movement through the air. It had a fin which moved to make it change directions, and it had a weighted, motor-driven piece on the bottom on a track which could move and make the shark go up or down. Push it forward...nose dive. Back it up and up it would go. And all remote controlled. How totally cool! I don't know who was more amazed...this fifty-something or a set of twins who were about three or four at the oldest.

Totally fun!

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