Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long-time passing...

Wow, the days have gotten away from me. I have not done a post in a good while so in order to keep this blog "active", I better get something out there. My blog does not have to be done daily, nor does it have to be on Sharon. 

With that in mind, today's posting is for all the guys like me who played with Tonka toys when they were kids. This past weekend we traveled to Maine and did a whole bunch of things and saw a whole bunch of sights. One of the sights we saw is this really huge crane in the skyline of Bath, Maine at the B.I.W. (Bath Iron Works). In the picture, it's hard to really tell just how large this machine is. Let me just say I am probably more than a quarter of a mile away from this when I snapped this shot. It would make sense that to build a U.S. Navy ship you would need rather large equipment. Well, here is one really large piece. It fills the skyline from a great distance.


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