Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Live Music in Sharon!

Well, in his never ending effort to find out exactly what folks want at his newly re-done and re-opened Black Goose Grill in the plaza in Sharon, Rob Caeners has taken the old Raven/Waldorph/Ironworks/Country Corner to a new and previously untested waters in Sharon. He has added live music on a kind of trial-basis situation. His first try with it was in late November when he had a fund raising event for the Sharon Fuel Bank. That night, he had invited four different bands to participate. He gave them a small corner of the small restaurant and let them work out the rest. He charged $10 cover to get in and from 8 till 11 the place was packed with all kinds of folks. He sold food. He sold wine and beer (he had just gotten his liquor license days before). He gave away munchies. The place was wall to wall people. I bet more than one hundred and twenty people came and went that night. And the important thing.....everyone had a great time! And the fuel bank got a nice shot in the arm.

Jump ahead to this past Friday evening and Bob had his first night of music that was sponsored just by him. His Chef Kevin had done up a new special menu just for the night. The very local band, Swamp Yankee was back (they were one of the four the first time in November) and the music began at eight sharp. Clare and I went for dinner at 7:15 or so and had a delicious meal. By 8:05 the place was full and by 8:20 it was standing room only. The music was loud, but the songs were great and having all our local friends in the band, and all local folks in attendance, it was far more a party than a place with a band. Everybody knew everybody. The laughs were plenty, and the singing was totally fun. I spoke with Bob and he said he did a lot of food and drink that evening so that was really key. Bottom line here...we want this place to exist. We don't want to be without a place to eat in Sharon.

In respecting peoples right to privacy when out in a eating/drinking/dancing scene, I only took this little shot with my iPhone.

So, I believe this past Friday was a great success, and there are more nights scheduled. The group Wooden Nickel is coming in soon, Feb. 10th (love these guys) and Swamp is coming back in late February. I grabbed this shot of their poster which is hanging at various places in town. If it's something you might like, I strongly urge all my readers to give it a try on one of the music nights for sure. And I sure hope you try The Goose out other times as well, to enjoy the quality and choices that Kevin and Robb are offering. I think that you'll be quite surprised and pleased, if you haven't been there already.

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