Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fiat 500

So today I got to see, up-close-and-personal, one of the new Fiat automobiles. My reaction? Pretty cool. I talked with owner who is absolutely in love with it. They have another car, which is  a older, and bigger, and has all-wheel drive, so when it snows, or they need a car with room, they still have it for their use. But if it's around town driving, over to Torrington for shopping, or Barrington for lunch with friends, they jump in the Fiat. They are getting like 27 miles per gallon on local short-hops, and close to 40 when they get out and go someplace. The tank only holds ten gallons or so, so she enjoys not releasing a paycheck to just get fuel. It has plenty of power she feels for what they need and have yet to find anything they don't like about it. Her husband is about 6'4", and they did their research ahead of time....the model with the sunroof has less headroom, due to the sunroof being on a track which must drop down into the car when opened. Her husband is totally comfortable with the "standard" model.

They bought there car in West Springfield at the dealer there. (she told me the salesman was far nicer) And right now apparently, there is zero-interest loans. Her husband said that closed the deal.

So....for under 22k and you can get a brand new car which gives great milage, rides and drives great, and is zero-interest loans? Not too shabby I'd say. Not too shabby.

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