Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Runnin'...runnin'....running for First Selectman

Now here's some news. Bob Louck's (life-long Sharon resident) I have been told has thrown his "hat into the ring" for the office of First Selectman here in Sharon!  Holy smokes! And didn't he just retire from working 40 hours a week? I wonder if Malcom B. is running again for the Democrats? 

Well, knowing Bob as I do, he'd be a good guy for a job at a tough time to get into it. Bob I know has been head of the school board in past years and I think also head of the tax board. If not chair, I know he has served on it for quite some time now. I first served with Bob on the building committee when the school did its last update. I know he really cared very much about that project. Many know Bob for his leadership each year of the memorial service conducted by the Legion at the War Memorial on Memorial Day. I think of Bob as a very financially prudent person yet does things right when they need to be done right. Judging by the shape of some of our town roads and bridges (have you been up Fairchild lately?), we better start fixing some things the right way. Those who have skimped and made do in the past to hold down our taxes I am afraid are going to now make us pay all the more. Didn't I learn in Econ. 101 that its better to pay now, if able, than to pay more later?

Frankly, I think Tina should just run. She does and knows how to do most everything already, because she has been doing it since Wild Bill Wilbur days....


  1. I know Bob a little bit from his service on the committee looking into building a new gym at HVRHS. He seems to be a very capable guy.

    Could be an interesting race for 1st selectman, but of course in Sharon, the heaviest action is on Planning & Zoning.

    In 2007, in the aftermath of the DePretis injustice, Laurence Kurland ran for P&Z alternate. Laurence had lawn signs. Never ever seen signs for an alternate for any board or commission in a dozen years of covering these towns. P&Z is where it's at in Sharon ...

  2. If there were an election between Mr Loucks and Dr Brown, I would feel so badly about however I voted, because I think they're both such great guys who serve their town well.

    But I'm with you...if Tina ran, I'd vote for her in a second!