Monday, April 20, 2009

lighten up, will ya?........

Wow! I make a comment about the sad condition of some roads that I've seen, and folks are telling me I am too serious with my blog? ....."After all, it was just the winter......"  Yep, you're right...I can't argue that!

  To those whose feelings I may have hurt in yesterday's blog, I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't be so serious and point out something that is a fact, or sure appears to be that? Maybe I'll try to make this blog more of a fun and games place to go, with photos and fun memories. Then again, I think I just keep doing whatever.. a pic here, a newsy story there. A history note that my old mind can remember. I think I'll do just what I said I'd do on my title page, and folks can either follow along when they want or stay away.

(Pictured above is Cat and some friends from Hotchkiss--Nov.9, 2005
---thought they were a good change of pace..   :)  ---

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  1. That's funny. People walked into your store and chewed you out, but no one would leave a comment on the post?