Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kinda goes with toast, no?

~ever drive around Sharon and look at the names of the town roads? King Hill Road I am guessing was named for Col. King, a big name from Sharon history in the 1800's. Low Road was I believe named after the Low family, who once were where Jasper is now. Herrick Road is after the Herrick family. Bowne Road the same. Calkinstown by all that's right should probably be Calkins Town road (not one word), named after Stephen Calkins family I think, again from the 1800's I believe, but may well be wrong. All of this leads me to this. Does anybody know how Butter Road really  got its name? I suppose a family named Butter could have been there, but that sounds like stretching it to me. Was it because it was so slippery that it was like butter? Come on historians out there. Let me know. I've wondered this for some time now. Let me in on how this was really named.....

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