Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a bird- It's a plane- It's Chicken-Man!! (remember WKBW?)

I feel like a news man the last two days!!! Not sure if you were around the shopping center today around 2:15 or so, but boy did we have excitement! A north-bound 18-wheeler on Gay Street with a big air foil on top of its cab, cleaned out at least two lines over to Amy's Law office building( they looked liked cable tv lines). When it did, it gave the already leaning pole across the street a bit more of a pull, so more wires, (power and telephone) were hanging low just ready to get grabbed by the next tall vehicle. So Sharon's own Dave Wilbur jumped out of his van and directed traffic till the fire department showed up after about fifteen minutes. About an hour or so later the power company showed up and raised some wires and threw a temporary guide-wire in and took some tension off the leaning pole. The pole looks pretty aged, so perhaps coming weeks will bring a new stronger pole to replace the existing one. Excitement in the town. Whoa! (thankfully, no one got hurt!)


  1. The Chix Man looks like Sharon's answer to Bullet Sherwood.

  2. This picture/post just made my week.