Thursday, April 16, 2009

ladies at work.....

~I suppose everyday life in a small town, to some, would be the most boring way to live.  And living here every day, as I have for my whole life, it's been kind of fun to get that camera in hand and just see things from a bit different perspective, through the camera's eye. The other day I did the same thing I always do on weekdays, and that's take a visit to the bank. In this case, the Sharon office of The Salisbury Bank and Trust was my stop during the morning. I have a personal connection to the Sharon office as that was my great aunt's house when I was growing up. I spent many, many childhood hours in and out and up and down throughout that house-turned-bank. About the only thing that remains today that takes me to the past is the stair banister. I slid down that a good many times as a kid. I have nothing but good memories from that house.
Enough old history. Today while one teller (oops, they don't call them that anymore do they...) was counting my deposit, I snuck a picture of the ladies at work. Sharon is a busy office, but at this particular moment, I was the only customer in sight. I like this shot. It works telling the story of three ladies, all busy, with yet but only one customer (me) in sight at this moment.
Salisbury Bank's success is in it employees, and these three are three very dedicated folks. They make banking there an easy decision.

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