Friday, December 30, 2011

Governor Dannel P. Malloy comes to Sharon

So Hartford came to Sharon today, with the Big Kahunna himself, Governor Dannel P. Malloy(D) stopping by Sharon at about 12:30pm at The Sharon Ridge Apartment Complex. He was here to give us a verbal commitment from the State of a $165,000 STEAP GRANT for The Sharon Housing Authority. He also gave a commitment of $100,000 to The Sharon Housing Trust. The Sharon Housing Authority is going to be building I believe twelve more apartments at The Ridge, and the Housing Trust is expected to break ground soon on another single family home, to be located off Low Road.

The Governor looked sharp in a nice suit, his hair all in place and very professional. He spoke very nicely to all members of the boards who were represented there, a member of the press and a few other would-be press folks. Two folks who reside in the complex ventured out to hear the address and were quite surprised by all of the commotion. They too seemed appreciative that "The Gov" took time out and make the presentation. I was impressed that he shared a few minutes from his busy schedule afterwards and spoke with numerous members personally. I was also impressed that he recognized Mike Silverman and others for their countless hours of work over years to this project. Projects of this nature do not happen by themselves. They take huge commitments of time and energy from many folks on different levels. I applaud Mike, Gene Lattimer and all the others who have served on this committee for years. The Ridge seems to be a great thing, and some expansion should only help it and all of Sharon. To paraphrase something I heard today from the governor I think, that it takes all kinds of people, from all walks of life, to make a good and active community. True words...

Admiring a gift of Rick's Reserve Red!

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