Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey now wait one cotton-pickin-minute...

The gas gauge was unusually low in my truck so I visited our local Shell station for a fill-up this evening. I started pumping away when I noticed $3.099 on the price sign on the pump. Whoa! Somebody made a boo-boo. That was the posted price on the large signs over the blends. The small price was the correct (unfortunately for me) one at 3.599. Sharon, the home of really high priced gas.

I went and told the clerks quickly, who immediately corrected the mistake. If I had been a pain and wanted to push it, I believe (from my old station days) I could have done so. The sign which was wrong I believe to be as the "legal" price.(again from my old days of selling petrol) However, it doesn't matter as I would not report them for that honest mistake.

I am in retail, and have been for years. Mistakes happen. I have been caught by folks who have gone both ways. Some say, no problem, others say uh-uh, you gotta do the price marked, no matter what. Thanks friend. If it's a dollar, well, it's a dollar. But when you lose  ten or twenty, which has happened, well, that hurts a small guy. xtramart is not a small guy by any means, but I've been there. I know the meaning of a buck, especially when it is mine!

I think I might stop to see the manager tomorrow and see if she wants to buy me a coffee for being a good guy. :)

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