Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hot time, in the cold town, tonight!

     So tonight at six pm, the fire company hosted their annual "light parade". Starting at the clock tower, north thru town, down Cemetery Hill Road and back to firehouse was the route.There were numerous vehicles, firetrucks in disguise, wagons, carts, motorcycles and more. While not quite as exciting as the one a few weeks back that I attended over in nearby Pine Plains, NY, but it was still a good time for those who attended and participated. It was followed by hot chocolate and cookies at the firehouse for all. Very much appreciated, as it was a chilly night! I hope the fire department holds steady and continues to have this event each year, and not fold because of poor attendance. Rome wasn't built in a day! I am working on early  groundwork to co-ordinate this event with the tree lighting which was just last week. Get the whole town involved, like in Pine Plains. Get organizations to do floats. Get towns people to do personal fun floats. It was a real party in Pine Plains. It could be that here too!
     Loved the rower from Kent Fire Company tonight!

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