Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Pageant

With the religious holidays fast approaching, christian churches worldwide are preparing to celebrate the birth of their Lord, Jesus Christ, on December 25th. Today in Sharon, at the Congregational Church, the annual Christmas Pageant was put on by members of the church school program.

This years event was very well attended by lots of guests and family members and I think that all participants and observers all had a great time. Kudo's to Shari Marks, Judy Albright-Perotti and a number of other members for lots of time spent planning and teaching of our youth.

 A bit different from my days. No old hooks for the shepherds. No straw spread all over making a whale of a mess! A dvd helping to tell parts of the story, microphones to help amplify little voices and a strong choir of young girls with some really magnificent voices.

As the pastor said before the start, pageants not only show todays youth, but it makes members of the audience remember theirs......and that it did.

This promises to be a busy week for me (all of us probably), so not sure how many posts will be up. About all I can say is, check in!

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