Thursday, September 29, 2011

Umbrella anyone?

~Well, has everybody had enough rain yet? Sake's alive! Today was quite a day of it, starting with 2+ inches in a little over an hour early this morning, which caused washouts, delays, detours, a serious accident in Sharon and minor havoc here and there and everywhere. Our ground is so saturated that any rains which fall just run and gain speed and strength in volume. I had a culvert tube plug(one of three), causing water to flow up and over the header we had built and on to the second tube under our driveway. At it's peak, it went over that header as well, and on to the third tube.(all ten inch by-the-way)  That second tube was a life saver, and it was like a water cannon on the discharge side! I got the debris cleared from the first one and it was a huge relief! It was like a big whirlpool when it opened up and sucked downward. My heart relaxed when that happened! The rains had plugged the end of the tube with grasses and sticks that came when the torrent came rushing down thru the near-bye woods.

That was just the start of the day. The rains continued off and on throughout the day, probably a good four, five, maybe even six different times. When it stopped, the sun would come out and you would think you were all done. Forty minutes later it would be teeming again. And we just had thunder and lightning here at around 8:30 when I started on my two blogs for today. We missed a blog yesterday because of "busy-ness". :)

Sure hope tomorrow is somewhat more stable in the weather department!

Remember.....look up!

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  1. Wow! Watch out for Winter snow if this keeps up! Wonderful photos! Missed your photos ;->