Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pic-a-nic on the Town Green

     The Sharon Democratic Town Committee sponsored a picnic event today on the town green in front of the town hall. Like any good picnic, there were hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and desserts for all to enjoy. And I am told much of the goods in the salads was from local farms and gardens. Yumm! Unfortunately I couldn't attend so Cat took my camera and caught up with the goings-on. From what she said, it was quite well attended, and of course the candidates who are running for positions in November were all there to "press-the-flesh" and meet folks, be they Democrats or not. The picnic was open to everyone, not just those of the Democratic Party.

The interesting part to me was that the committee took the time to honor two folks who have retired from the town committees after many, many years of service to all of us on the respective boards. Honored today were Helen Humeston, who served on the Board of Tax Assessors for many, many years (long as I can remember).

Roberta, Tom and Helen

Also honored today was Mike Silverman, who was on the founding board of affordable housing here in Sharon, and has served for many, many years as well. A tip of the hat if I may to both of these good folks for their years of dedication to our town.

Connie, Lynn, Mike and Roberta

So that's what happened in Sharon today. I was happy that Cat was able to grab these pics for today's blog. Thanks again Cat!

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