Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Construction Equipment is getting smaller and smaller

I think I first became interested in construction equipment as a child, when I read Virginia Lee Burton's Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. I enjoyed it again years later when I would read it to my son when he was a small guy. I loved my Tonka trucks as a little guy. When I turned fifteen, I worked for two summers and weekends throughout the year on a farm, where I learned to drive tractors, bale hay, care for equipment, back up wagons full of hay and I even got to drive a bulldozer a few times. And all kinds of other things too! So construction equipment and such and I go back a long ways together. I used to raise the plow on Bill Herrick's Command Car when it snowed so deep we couldn't shovel it as a kid.(that was done by spinning a "steering wheel" about nine hundred times to raise/ nine hundred to lower---phew, such work!)

 I'm not sure if you all have seen, but the power company took down four huge willow trees alongside Murtagh Road this spring. Since then, the land owner, (Jack Murtagh) has been doing lots of clean-up. His son Brian, who owns New Images Landscaping, has removed all the stumps, all the underbrush and poison ivy, brought in lots of dark, rich soil and is really turning what was an overgrown area into a really nicely improved space.

I really enjoyed watching Brian work his equipment late one afternoon last week. Brian can really make the equipment "talk", and he has really done a lot of work in a very short amount of time. It seems he tends to work a few minutes here and few minutes there, like after hours from his regular work. Whatever, he's doing a great job, and if I win Powerball™ ( I'll need to buy a ticket first), I think I'll buy a couple of these to "play" on our land. Oh, I hope I win, I hope I win!


  1. Even if various kinds of construction equipment are getting smaller and smaller, there would still be construction efforts that require large machinery.

  2. it is getting smaller, but they are also getting bigger! new trucks in the eyars 209 and above have way more to offer and are more high tech