Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today I took care of a couple in my store. We had a  nice little visit, they made their purchase and then they went on their way to the farm market for nibbles I presume. While they were gone, I looked out front and here was a car of style of which I had never seen before. From my store, the symbol on the hood looked like that of an Aston Martin, but it was a "big" car, so unlike any Aston I had ever seen before. I have had a bit of a thing for Aston Martin's ever since my childhood, and seeing the DB5 in person multiple times which made itself extremely famous in the James Bond flicks.

So, Al was now there, and I grabbed my camera and went to take a look. Aston Martin sure enough! I went to take a picture, and my camera battery is dead! xkdjfvirejguihjt!!!! So I just was walking around and admiring the car when out came the couple I had moments before sold wine to. I asked if it was their car and indeed it was. The owner told me it was a '91' and it was the last of the hand-made of this model. Hand made. Did I say hand made?

So, no camera to have photos to remember, I came home and Googled™ 91' Aston Martins for kicks and up comes photos of the car I just walked all around and talked with its owners! So, here is what I saw today. The owner said there are many Astons coming in to Troutbeck this weekend, for an annual event. Might just have to find my way down there, with a working camera in hand!

Oh...cost you might ask? More than $240,000 in 1991, and they only made 54. Bet it probably is a bit more valuable today.....but, you never know.

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