Friday, June 10, 2011


 Each year, about this time, the folks up at Hotchkiss throw a little party. Reunion weekend. All was quiet as far as alumni arriving when I was up there shorty after noon today. Things were abuzz though as last minute work was readying things all over campus. There was one big problem facing them though. No power. They said they were told it might be back by midnight. I saw a former NU supervisor later this afternoon and he said no way. Hope he's wrong.

I hope their quest for flashlights in gross was successful in Torrington. 650 people wandering around in dark dormitories will be quite an experience. Sounds like a reunion they'll remember for years. Reunions happen each and every year, but alumni can only go every five years after their graduation. My kids will be there next year, as Cat will be five out and Drew ten already. I think I'm going to leave town that weekend next year. I don't want to know.   :)

Main Gate

Went over to Miller-tron tonight for a bit and there were many cars on the lawns, so they're starting to come in. If you find yourself up that way tomorrow, watch out for visitors crossing roads in droves. May be a bit crazy..... I hope the weather holds for them.

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