Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sharon Mountain Road.....

I know I bored so many of you with asphalt pictures and stuff from our town road project a while back, so I laid off with the postings. Well, in traveling around over the last few days, I must comment on how much has been done since the project started up again this spring. Murtagh, Low, Dug, Mudgetown, Hosier, Stone House, Rolling Hills, Williams, Still Meadow, Jackson Hill, Fairchild are all either basically complete or well on there way. Some were major milling and grading, and some were just leveling and resurfacing. Somebody pinch me, for this must be a dream!

Today I found the crews putting down first layers on Sharon Mountain Road first thing this morning. Jewett is getting lots of drainage work (it needed it) so perhaps they went there this afternoon, I don't know. Lucas is marked for resurface so they'll probably be there tomorrow or the next. Amazing!

Sharon Mtn., from the Corner of Sharin Mtn, Fairchild and Jewett

A few weeks back I saw other crews working on the shoulders of West Cornwall, where there were big drop-offs, and fixing some places where things settled or just didn't hold I guess. I sell wine for a living, and what I know about roads you could put in a thimble, and still have room to dance. But, in my humble opinion, I like what I see. It seems we are getting a quality job for the monies we have allocated for the project. Reminds me of the school project some 20 years ago. The absolute best project in the world with all the whistles and bells? No. But quality, and serviceable and far, far better than what we ever had? For sure.

Another mile or so on Sharon Mountain, then perhaps they'll head for more "downtown" sections and streets, like Hospital Hill and Cemetery and others that I bet are getting attention of one form or another. I am looking forward to all that they accomplish.

My son was home from D.C. over the holiday just past, and as we were riding into town that Friday night over White Hollow and Calkinstown, he commented on how much nicer it was to ride on our town roads. He said something along these lines, which is so true: without infrastructure, a town or city is just, well, unfriendly. To those who reside there, and to those who visit. Pretty much summed it all up for me. In all honesty, I find myself feeling better about our town more every day with this work being done. A sense of pride I feel has grown even more within me, and I bet I am not the only one feeling this way. Not a bad feeling to have either!

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  1. Thank you Rick! We need positive feedback on the roads. I can assure everyone. All the drainage work on the roads is being done BEFORE they are paved. I know, because I am the one who delivers the pipe and catch basins every day to the local (very qualified, and under the watchful eyes of a retired CT DOT Engineer) contractors. If there is any question, please show up at the Sharon Town Garage any day at 7:00 am and whoever would like to, can ride shotgun with me to see the work and deliver the day's supplies. :)