Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Mailboxes..

Winters are tough on lots of things. One that you tend to forget about is mailboxes. Today I was wearing numerous hats for house chores and I needed to fix a leaking bathroom sink. I found I needed parts, so I went to my plumbers house and got a new kit, and on the way back, I ran into my neighbor Jim out building a new setup for his and two neighbors mail boxes.

Now, Jim probably wouldn't pose alongside his project, so I snuck one using my outside mirror on my truck. Gotcha Jimmy!

Got the sink problem fixed, and dug about a 150' ditch, 6-8" deep. Put sand in the bottom, laid in a new cable, covered it in sand, then topsoil, and then raked it off and its ready for seed. Some piles of rocks and turf to clean up and then it's done. Comcast can come hook up the two ends, and our signal will be stronger in the house. My family is teasing me....want some Tylenol™? Going to the chiropractor tomorrow? Ha-Ha!    (maybe)

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