Saturday, June 25, 2011

Triple Header!

Blogging....... Some days it's easy, some days it's hard. Today I probably could have had about six themes, but I cut it back to three......

Number One:

Did I mention we have an abundance of rabbits at our house this year?


Number Two:
my neighbors just down the road, being quite enterprising I thought, set out to raise some funds for the Little Guild in Cornwall. How neat is that of these young people? Good for them!! So, I stopped bye on my way home and chipped in, and as I pulled away and then looked back to grab a picture, someone else, Ray of Cornwall Electric, stopped and was joining in this worthwhile endeavor! Way to go Mooney Family!

and all this up on Jackson, where there is not a lot of traffic. They'd taken in over $30.00 when I was there to contribute to Little Guild. Awesome!

And Number Three:
Then, a bit later on in the day, I attended an artist's opening at The Sharon Historical Society. Local artist from Sharon, Warren Prindle, had an exhibition of his work, entitled Native Son, A Retrospective. It runs from now until September 8th. Make sure to stop in and enjoy his work, and his talent!

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