Friday, June 3, 2011

Haisdan Farm (formerly)

I guess we all have had a first job, unless you were born with a silver spoon. My first "real" job was working for two summers on Haisdan Farm on Hosier Road, here in Sharon. Now known as Lion Rock Farm, to this day, I think I learned more of life's lessons, had more laughs, tried doing more things, drove my first truck, first tractor, baled hay, fed and groomed horses, shoveled horse stuff, and just experienced a lot of different things. I learned much from a great ol'timer, the late Gaylord Prindle. Gale, as his friends called him was a pure "character", if there ever was one. I was unaware at the time at how lucky I was to be there and live through it all.

With all that said, yesterday morning I swung up Hosier to my old apartment driveway and enjoyed the view on a field where I stacked wagons full of hay two different summers, drove my first bulldozer, and my first tractor. Memories came flashing back quickly, and it really felt good. I think I might go up to the farm in the coming weeks and just ask permission to walk around and just think back forty years now.

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