Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time for a "brush-back", and I'm not talking pitches....

On a stroll around historic Sharon Green this past Sunday evening, I came upon about a one hundred foot stretch of sidewalk that is, well, being encroached upon. From Jenny Hansell's house to the old Noyes house, on the corner of Hilltop and Main, the sidewalk is, well, growing in. It is single-file wide, so two people can't pass without one going on the grass. Okay in the summer, but what to do in the winter? And how is the John Deere to make it through there this winter? Perhaps some good group of volunteers could bring shears and loppers and do some cutting back? Or perhaps one of the local professional organizations could be hired to "push it back?" Or maybe Scott Garay could give it a haircut with his equipment? Just wondering, before someone steps off the edge, twists their ankle and the Town of Sharon gets an insurance claim it could maybe have prevented?

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