Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sabbatical's Over (I hope!)

Truth be told.... I have had a lot of fun during this past month without worrying about having a camera in my hand every day to gather a pic or story for my blog. It's been nice. 

With that said, tonight Clare, Cat and I headed south to Kent, to the annual Fireman's Carnival. I had my annual pulled-pork sandwich, and Clare had her annual roast beef. Very pleasing! We played Bingo, and Cat won the biggest prize while we were there! Then we hit up the cake booth, and Cat won a plate of cupcakes and I won a great blueberry cake. Delicious! We're home now, having tea, and enjoying the cake.

That was all fun, but the other entertaining thing tonight was being a spectator of the 12th Annual Frog-Jumping Contest, also held there while we were there.

Great time! Those buggers can jump too! If you haven't ever gone to one, and you're given the chance...GO!

Sharon-ite Dylan Roberts was a big supplier of some mighty big croakers. Look at the size of this little monster!!

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