Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buried history.....

On the corner of Hilltop and North Main, on the southeast corner, is a lovely home hidden behind a hedge of evergreens. They haven't always been there. In my childhood this was The Noyes house. I honestly don't know the name of the folks who reside there now, but I do know they are a nice couple, I just have never really been introduced. I guess I need to step-up and introduce myself.

The point of my blog today. Look dead center in the grass, between the sidewalk and the road. See the cream-colored object? It is a buried stone, from a set of steps I would imagine. This stone probably goes back to the time the house was built, wouldn't you think? Seems a shame that it and perhaps others are buried under years of road dirt and grass.

My thought or question. Shouldn't/ couldn't it be uncovered if it is indeed part of a set of steps? If it were to be a safety question, couldn't it be perhaps raised and made safe? Or possible removal and placed where it could be part of the towns history to be seen? Liz...are you there? Do you have an opinion? Or The Historic District....anyone got an opinion?

I won't go as far to say I wish there were no evergreen hedge there, that is was all open and we all could see the front of this lovely home and the steps. But, I totally respect the owners rights, and am sure they appreciate the "buffer" that the hedge provides, both from car lights, noise and for privacy.

Just me thinking. I also wonder if anyone has ever approached them with these or similar thoughts? Hmmmmm.

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