Sunday, October 31, 2010

hmmmm. Think you're off for a while sir...

     I must admit, I don't recollect ever seeing just a mosquito service around here before. Doesn't mean they haven't been here, it's just I haven't ever seen one. Whatever, I think this company can probably take the rest of the year off.

     We worked in the yard all afternoon today following church, and I was dressed in layers for the first time to stay warm. The turtleneck came out of the closet, a sweatshirt and my old work vest. Hat and gloves and sound protectors on the ears. Two tanks of fuel for the backpack blower later, and the gutters, flowerbeds and most of the lawn is pretty-well cleaned up. The wind was right out of the northwest at a good steady 10-15 mph I'd say all afternoon.
     Not a mosquito in sight. I guess "the authority" did a good job!

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