Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Chris Choi!

While many folks are just learning bits about the Choi family, the owners of the newly opened Sharon Farm Market, I have had the pleasure of knowing the Choi's since their arrival in Sharon way back in, when  was it, March? During the greatest portion of that time, I was becoming friends mostly with Chris, husband of Annie, and dad to their children. Chris was here in Sharon doing that gosh-awful job of orchestrating and doing the renovation to the old unnamed grocery store. Chris has a great work ethic and as you can see below, a great smile. He worked extremely hard, along with his workers, at giving us the store which we all are rejoicing about these days. Seldom did I see him take much of a breather during the days of rebuilding. He was always on the go. Just as he has been these first two weeks of the stores being open. Early each day till into each evening, Chris is on the go.

I caught up with Chris Sunday evening after his gathering carts from the plaza. Always quick with a hello and great smile, I got Chris to stand still for more than 30 seconds and pose for this photo shot.

I know the Choi's are extremely thankful for the response that has been shown to them these first two weeks, both to them and to their partners. I heard today that the sushi may well come on line as soon as tomorrow and the pizza is getting close too. Come Saturday there will be the official ribbon cutting as part of their grand opening, as well as some special give-aways!

Also on Saturday, there will be some really specials sales on some wines @ Rick's Wine & Spirits, and some wine tastings as well. Be sure to check those sales out! At the Bodhi Tree, there has been an ongoing fund-raising  event which benefit's Breast Cancer Awareness. Please be sure to give them a visit as well!!

   So I hope I see many, many of you at the plaza this Saturday! Lots going on!!

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