Friday, March 12, 2010

Northlight Art Center

For those who don't know Pieter Lefferts, may I be the first to introduce you! Pieter has lived in Sharon for a good number of years on Calkinstown Road and is a very talented artist to my mind and just a great all-around guy. He has just leased the former Video Studio, next to the JAM store, at 5 Calkinstown and has open his Northlight Art Center.

At his shop he will be teaching art classes in drawing and painting, both at day and night-time classes. He is teaching to all ages, including children. This evening I stopped by to grab this photo and a family of four was there. How neat! I think he officially opened yesterday and had folks in already today! On Thursday evenings Pieter is going to have what he called an Art Studio with instruction which he seemed quite excited about. He will also be exhibiting his own work,and doing his own work there, so I could be wrong, but is that our first "art studio"? Whatever...I think it's really great that Pieter gets to do what he loves, walking distance from his home.

Pieter hasn't had his phone installed yet (next week), so if you want to contact him, just stop in! And even if you aren't inclined to be an artist or painter, why not stop in and just introduce yourself and wish him good luck!!

Can anyone say Sharon Revival?

Hopefully I'll have another piece of great news to release tomorrow about Sharon. Stay tuned....

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  1. Thanks, Rick! Classes have started and I look forward to more offerings from a variety of artist instructors, as well as original fine artworks for sale. Now to get a sign up!