Friday, March 26, 2010

Murtagh Road Improvements

A knock came at my store back door early this morning with a man asking could I move my car. It was a member of the Town of Sharon Road Crew. I replied that mine wasn't out back, but belonged to the folks next door. The man left and I peeked out to see what was up. Five men. Two trucks and a payloader! Whoa....what's up I wondered?

Within minutes the road foreman (Charlie) was climbing into the bucket, where he was safely secured behind a safety bar, wearing a harness which was secured to the bucket. He motioned to his driver(Floyd) to proceed and up he went, with chain saw in hand, and they started to work cutting back years of growth that was encroaching on the town road. Cut some then drop down, then back up. Then move forward and start all over. They cut from twigs to big branches. The other men picked up what they cut and pushed it all through a chipper. The big thing I noticed was how many vines were all entangled in the mess. Well, anyways, it gave me something to stick my head out my back door and "supervise" through the day. The men all seemed to me to work very well together and by mid-afternoon they were up near the end of Murtagh Road. I bet they must have felt some real satisfaction when they were all done to see all that they had done.

So, below you can see what they accomplished with their work today. Delivery trucks will be able to park next to the back doors of the pharmacy, my store and the new Sharon Farm Market and cars will have room to pass. Plus, I think its safe to say there probably is even enough room for employees to park on the right as well. Then add in the fact that sight lines are now tremendously improved and this was, I feel, a badly needed project pretty much accomplished by a competent group of men. The pot holes still exist, but the road is just so much more passable, safety wise.

Good job guys!

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