Thursday, February 5, 2009

"too much time on my hands......."

The furnace motor just shut off but the fan is still pushing the last of the hot air out of the furnace into the store. Its been a frequent sound this day as the temperature never got much above sixteen degrees outside. All the bottles of liquids help to hold the heat so the store will stay pretty warm once the heat is on. We never turn it very low at night for that reason. To help keep the "mass" warm. Its an old furnace with a relatively new motor and gun, and it actually works quite efficiently. I maintain it with an annual service and cleaning. Its like a car off one of the collector car shows. Old body. New Motor. Runs well. Good thing as funds to replace it are non-existent this year. The small space heater by my feet keep my legs warm out here on this concrete floor in the back room. Its adds to the electric bill about a dollar a day, but so far its still in my budget. The door chime just rang and my relief help is here. Its time to go home and do some painting or something. I've got to get that room finished. Its so close. Got to stop dragging my feet.........


  1. this is great!!
    now you dont have to do this if you dont want to but a cool thing you can add to your blog is a statcounter that counts the number of times the page gets loaded. Its so you can see how popular it is and from day-to-day how many people read it. if you go here they give very simple directions on how to add one and everything but i can always help you along if you need it! if you didnt know already i have a new blog as well. its

  2. did it..thanks! and am now following your # 2