Monday, February 16, 2009

"bye-bye, so long, farewell....."

or, "another ones gone, another ones gone, another one bites the dust...."

 Sharon doesn't have a newspaper, but if it did these could be the headlines for today, Monday the 16th of February. Two more retail establishments in Sharon closed there doors in the last few days.  I learned on Friday from the owner that Cafe Tazza that she was going to close and I just heard Sunday was indeed her last day. I saw the sign in Bizzance, (or whatever its name was) on the corner of Main & West Main, that they were doing their out-of-business sale. They too have closed I am told . Throw in Clothes & Collectables and Trotta's Market, who both closed in recent months, and the retail business in Sharon is pretty sparse! On the Up side, Lee Kennedy recently open her long-awaited JAM retail food store, (in the former Stove Doctor Shop)  and seems to be off to a good start, open just Wednesday thru Saturday, 10-6. Pricey for the working man, but delicious is all I can say about what I have had from there in my two visits. A nice option indeed when you need to take something home for supper, and don't have time to run to another town for staples or choices.....

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  1. "Demand Destruction"

    The dichotomy between the price of real estate (perceived spendable income) vs. actual product demand has always been an issue for unique towns like Sharon. What people really want isn't always what others really want to sell. Sounds weird doesn't it?

    There's a reason that old hot dog school bus in Millerton always had lines of customers waiting each evening (50's and 60's).