Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You Sharon Vol. Fire Dept.

Sunday. Off to church. Home from church. A little lunch. Outside to shovel for the oil man. Heard the smoke detectors going off. And off. And off. Ran in to find Clare had started a fire, which started a chimney fire because we obviously had needed our chimney cleaned. The roar in the chimney gave me all I needed to hear. 9-1-1. please send the fire dept! And they did. And very effectively they went to work and insured our safety. Minimal damage, only a few bricks that held the stone on the very top that cover over the flues will need to be replaced. Grateful and thankful we are. Scott and all his men did a great job. We are thankful to all. Grabbed this photo before they headed home.

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  1. Hi Rick, nice blog - look forward to reading more!